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[sticky post] [ Welcome & Policy ] [Apr. 2nd, 2010 × 10:01 pm]


Welcome to sHoppip! Last updated January 6, 2012!

  • Paypal both internationally and domestic, bank deposit also accepted for domestic buyers. Prices in USD. Discounts for large orders! More payment info here.
  • Shipping info here.
  • At present I am not doing any holds
  • Feel free to make offers - I might not accept, but I won't eat you.
  • I will not deal with people banned from pkmncollectors.
  • I cannot be held responsible for things lost or damaged in the mail. You may purchase tracking/insurance if you wish but it will cost considerably more for destinations outside Australia.

Looking for something? Check the tags listing!

Want to trade? I have a Pokémon/anime wishlist here, and a video games wishlist here. I prefer games with boxes/manuals, but will consider without.
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[ Feedback ] [Apr. 2nd, 2010 × 10:00 pm]

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If you'd like to leave feedback for a transaction done with me on communities such as videogames4sale or garagesalejapan or on your own journal, please leave it in the comments here! (This includes transactions as a buyer or seller, or trades.)

as of July 13, 2012

My eBay feedback is here (233+/0- as of July 13, 2012)

My current pkmncollectors feedback is here. My old pkmncollectors feedback is here (73+/0- as of April 2, 2010)
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Pokémon Sales [Jul. 6th, 2008 × 11:48 pm]

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Shipping status

International letters paid by October 4 were mailed October 4.
All other items paid for before October 6 were mailed then.
Items paid for after October 6 were mailed October 17 unless I mentioned otherwise!
Next shipping day: October 20


pkmncollectors sales permission is grandfathered from the start of the comm. My feedback is here.

I only accept Paypal for international buyers except in extraordinary circumstances. Inside Australia, I will take Paypal or bank deposit, and may also accept money orders at my discretion.

All prices are in USD, Australian buyers may choose to pay in AUD (regardless of payment method - please let me know if you would like to pay in AUD). The total I give you will include fees and shipping.

Please state whether you're committed or would only like a quote! I will leave negative feedback if you back out of a purchase due to cost of shipping or otherwise, so if you're worried please ask for a quote first, but note that this will not hold the item and I will sell to someone who commits. ALSO, PLEASE READ THE SHIPPING INFORMATION BELOW BEFORE ASKING FOR A QUOTE, it contains important info about shipping weights and minimum prices!

DO NOT EDIT/DELETE YOUR COMMENTS. If you want to add things or ask for more details, then you can reply to your comment, but please don't edit or delete them as it makes it harder to figure out who asked for things first. I do subscribe to email notifications for comments/edits, and if you use an edit to back out of a purchase then I reserve the right to leave negative feedback for backing out as it shows you haven't read the rules.

No trades (unless you have video games I want, link me a list if you want me to look at it). No holds. Payment is due within 24 hours of me giving you a total. I will not separate lots, please don't ask. If you want to buy a lot and resell what you don't want, that's fine. If you want to buy a lot and only have me ship you part of it, that's fine too. But I will not sell you part of a lot for a reduced price.

MINIMUM PURCHASE IS $3. Due to the cost of shipping, it's not worth it to either of us for less. PAYMENT PLANS may be available on a case-by-case basis! Please don't haggle on single items, but if you're buying a lot of things, you can ask for a bit of a discount!

Shipping and packaging

Economy airmail for international parcels

Economy airmail shipping is currently UNAVAILABLE. (However, it's always available for an extra $8 - this covers the per-shipment fee charged to me. This is worth it for parcels over 500g.)

I am trialling a different, cheaper method for shipping international parcels! This is an economy airmail service offered by a different carrier (transfers to your regular postal carrier once it reaches your country), which takes a little longer but is considerably cheaper, as little as $5-6 depending on weight! The shipping time for this service is usually about 2-4 weeks instead of the 1-2 weeks for regular airmail. In order to use this service I have to bulk ship parcels to the carrier, so I only open availability during certain times, usually when I've just posted sales to pkmncollectors. Availability will always be indicated above. This will be the default shipping method for untracked international parcels when available - if you do not specify you want a different method, you accept that you are using an economy service and delivery times may be a bit longer. It may take me a little extra time to give you a quote since I will need to estimate the weight of items to more accuracy than "nearest 500g", so please be patient - it's worth it for the savings!

For the moment, all tracked/registered shipping will still be done through Australia Post. You can always ask for regular airmail (through Australia Post) instead of economy. Details on Australia Post shipping are below.

Australia Post (regular airmail, tracked/registered shipping, flats)

I ship from AUSTRALIA. Here's a table of the minimum shipping prices for each type of item. They're MINIMUMS (as a guide, the non-flat cost is for up to 500 grams/a bit over a pound - this amounts to quite a lot of items usually). Meaning your shipping cost will be at least this much. So please don't ask for a quote and then say it's too expensive even at the minimum shipping cost, you're just wasting my time and yours. Australia Post has a neat guide you can refer to for costs by weight and for other countries/more specific countries, too.

(These costs are for shipping only, if I need to buy packaging that is extra.)

Other important details

I cannot be held responsible for things lost or damaged in the mail. You can purchase tracking and insurance if you wish! For international mail, there are two reasonably priced options for upgrading your postage (available for Australia Post only at the moment): Pack and Track (end to end tracking, limited countries) and Registered Post (insured, signature on delivery). It costs $5 extra for one of these! If your total before shipping is over $70, I will require you to use one of these. I just don't feel comfortable shipping untracked for such high amounts.

I reuse boxes where I can, but I charge cost price for packaging if I need to buy it, except for regular paper envelopes! Generally this is about $1 for a mailer (I don't reuse mailers). For clearfiles I use special rigid cardboard envelopes, these cost $2 and I can fit a lot of clearfiles in one (unless you buy non-flats too, in which case I can ship everything in a box - but due to box weight it may end up being cheaper to ship in two packages, I'll let you know if this is the case!). For the record, 4 standard clearfiles is the most I can put in one envelope without jumping to the next price bracket.

I typically ship in a minimum of one (due to time needed to transfer money from Paypal) and a maximum of two weeks. I endeavour to update you if it takes longer. Payment plans may be available on a case-by-case basis, please ask if you would like one. But if someone can commit to pay immediately I reserve the right to sell to them even if you asked about a payment plan first.

Banned users

I will not sell to these users: zorafinn, haybuddyy


Wailord Pokedoll is for size comparison only!


Please ask about hang tag if you're worried! You can assume that newer plush have tags unless otherwise specified, but some of the older Banpresto and Tomy plush don't have their hang tags due to age (there are plush from over a dozen years ago in this sales post, gosh!). I protect paper tags by default, but I don't protect the thick folded cardboard tags like on recent regular Banpresto UFO plush unless specifically requested as I don't feel they need it.

*Airgurumi Drifloon - $400 OBO
Airgurumi Drifloon! The pride and joy of my Drif collection! Except that I've never actually blown him up, so maybe he should go to someone with more room? He has a beach ball inside him and looks like this when he's blown up!

(Image from the PokePlushProject.) He's in very good condition! As I mentioned, I've never blown him up. You could stuff him too!

*Raichu DX fuzzy UFO plush - $220 OBO
Soft, soft and ever so happy. His ear curls show a little bit of the common "separation due to terrible glue" problem, but not badly and can easily be reglued. 1 2 He's got a fuzzy Pikachu friend listed below too, won't you take them both home? If you buy Raichu at the full price, you get Pikachu for free.

Tag photo
*Raichu Pokedoll $100

*Whimsicott Pokedoll - $50
Slowpoke Pokedoll - $65

*Gengar Pokedoll $90 OBO

*Latias Pokedoll (minky) - $50
Dialga Pokedoll (US) $20

*Metagross Pokedoll - $90 OBO
Both are American, Noctowl's hang tag in particular has seen better days and Metagross has a price sticker on his.

Pokedolls: Rotom (no hang tag, but I believe I have it around somewhere) $25, Arceus,, Raikou (US) $20, Entei (no hang tag) $20

Pokedolls: Totodile (US) $30, Mudkip (no hang tag, a little bit loved) $18, Blastoise $20

Pokedolls: Tepig $20, Cinccino $25, Blitzle $20, Snivy $20

Pokedolls: Skitty, Flareon (US, hang tag has a price sticker) $25, Umbreon $25, Wobbuffet $40
Wobbuffet is a US velboa Pokedoll from 2001!!!! - this is the PCNY Pokedoll that predates the plushplush! For being so old he's in fantastic condition, he is clean without wear and even his tush tag is crisp and clear. He does not have a hang tag.

Pokedolls: Elekid, Teddiursa (no hang tag) $25, Gizamimi Pichu (hang tag detached) $30, Mime Jr, Happiny (hang tag detached, US) $15

Mini Pokedolls: Snivy, Audino x2, Pikachu $12 each; Eevee $20; Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon $25 each, or $80 for the set of Eevee+eeveelutions. If you would like me to ship these in a box, please let me know; I can't guarantee the condition of the packaging if not (but this might not matter to you if you're going to open them anyway).

*Pikachu/Ditto puppet plush - $75 OBO
Dittochu change-to-Pokeball, loved condition - $10

Chansey bell plush - $15
*Drifloon Halloween mascot plush - $100 OBO

Tikitiki Worlds Pikachu (2012) - $35

Stunfisk hat - $45
I tried it on to see how it looks but never wore it apart from that! (It looks ridiculous, for the record, but it will definitely accommodate an adult head comfortably.) Hang tag still attached. Wailord tried it on, but it was too big for him.

Christmas Cleffa - $20
*Wailord "Sailord" - $70
Torchic - $18
Cleffa has bells in its hand-things. Torchic is super super soft *_*

"Ladylegs" Darkrai - $28

Tohoku exclusive Snivy and Victini plush $15 each, or $25 for both; the box is available for free to whoever buys one of these plush

*Pokemon Center Deerling set $70On sale!! $65 (I will separate for $18 each only if all are claimed)

Baby pokemon promo keychain plush - Togepi x2, Pichu, Cleffa $25 OBO each

Petilil x2 $13 each, Pignite $25, Dewott $25

New Year's roly poly Darumaka $50
Soft Audino $35

Rainbow series Pikachu $15, I have his box and can ship it too. He's nice and soft, give him a home?
*Large walky Eevee $40 OBO

Buneary Canvas - $15
Shinx Canvas (2009) - $30

Canvas: Stunfisk, Happiny, Starly $20 each; Jirachi $40; Audino $25

Jakks: Budew,, Turtwig and Cherubi (no hang tag) $1 each

Jakks: Bronzor $2, Marill $20, Wooper $25

Applause: Chansey $7, Eevee $20 OBO, Zubat (in ball) $25, Dratini (in ball) $15

Hasbro: Heracross (no hang tag) $18, Squirtle $3, Mudkip (no hang tag) $6, Quagsire $25
KFC Dratini $5
Football $1, or free with plush purchase

Shiny DX UFOs: Chansey $30, Prinplup $25, fuzzy Pikachu $30 or free if you buy fuzzy Raichu for full price

Lottery Pikachu-with-Pokedoll plush! Pikachu with Meowth is $15, Pikachu with Pichu is $20

Lottery Meowth-with-Pikachu-Pokedoll $15 each

Friends: Ivysaur $6, Sentret $20, Cleffa $10, Chansey $4

Change to Pokeball: Chanseys $5 each, Corsola $15, Ledyba is damaged and free with another plush purchase, please take her! Here they are in Pokeball form. One of the Chansey is US and the other is Japanese, but I can't remember which is which. The second one's Pokeball button came off due to old glue when taking these photos, you can easily glue it back!

Miscellaneous small plush: Audino, Woobat keychain $2, grabby Pikachu $1, Petilil MPC $5, Mudkip keychain $7, Chansey that is a cute round ball $8

Master Ball $5, rare Chansey plush pouch $15

Fuzzy Tomy plush! Hoppip $20, Nurse Chansey $50 OBO, Chansey $10
Nurse Chansey is the best Chansey plush.

Takara Tomy plush: Togekiss $20, Cyndaquil $25, Shaymin $20

Rare Plusle and Minun $35 OBO, I paid over $50 and just want some of that back lmao

Sideways Pikachu $8, Christmas Litwick $20

Porygon-Z $25, Arceus flying and ice $15 each, Shaymin $10

Really old super nice soft Cleffa $20, yawarakai Azurill $10, spring Corsola $35 OBO

Takara Tomy Chikorita $15, Banpresto Chikorita $10, Banpresto Totodile $10

Christmas Togepi (plays a song when you squeeze its stocking, still works!) $20, smaller Togepi $10, large friendly Togepi $15, suntanned Togepi $15

Banpresto Togekiss $15

Super old (1997) Chansey UFO $6
Has all tags, but detached because they were looped into the head string which came unknotted. If desired, you could thread the tags back through the string before you reknot it.

I Love Eevee keychain plush: Flareon x2, Jolteon x2, Eevee $15 each; Vaporeon $20

I Love Eevee keychains: Leafeon, Espeon, Umbreon x2 $15 each

I Love Eevee regular plush: Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Umbreon $18 each


Castform - $15
Barboach/Whiscash - $15
Ladylegs Darkrai - $12
Teddiursa/Ursaring - $10

Zukan! New in package.
Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium - $10
Chingling/Chimecho/Spiritomb - $8
Hoppip/Skiploom/Jumpluff - $30

More packaged zukan!
Umbreon/Espeon/Eevee - $25
Celebi - $8
Bronzong/Bronzor - $4

Ditto bound ball $15, Chansey bound ball $9

Pokedoll figures: Psyduck, Torchic, Pikachu, Chikorita $12 each

Pokemon lots

Audino lot (dot sprite tin and can badge, AEON badge, retsuden) $15

Chansey lot (tons of metal figures and mini models, stamps, some random flats and other things) $40. Nurse Chansey figure not tested, I don't know if it works with new batteries!

Charms and straps

*Full set of Eeveelution dot sprite charms with holder - $100 OBO

Pokemon Time Wailord strap - $20
Espeon/Umbreon bookmark - $15

*Charm plastic display case/collection box with shiny Pikachu charm $45 OBO

Pokemon Center Canvas charms keychain $25

Litwick strap $14

Audino x2 $6 each
Ditto $10
Heracross $10
Shroomish/Breloom x2 $11 each/both for $20
All other 2-pokemon sets $15. Sold: Lilligant line, Wailmer line

Litwick/Lampent/Chandelure $25
Kling/Klang/Klinklang $15
Hoppip/Skiploom/Jumpluff $20
Cherubi/Cherrim $20
Castforms $23
Deers $30 (Sawsbucks have been taken off backing and put back on, but not used)

$1 charms: Vespiquen x4, Bronzor x2, Donphan x3, Kadabra, Grumpig
$2 charms: Togepi x3x1, Golbat, Ursaring, Walrein, Prinplup x2, Marshtomp, Oshawott
$3 charms: Sealeo, Chansey, Solosis, Duosion, Empoleon
$4 charms: Litwick, Leavanny, Bayleef, Mudkip, Squirtle
$5 charms: Swadloon

Kyogre Pokemon Center strap $15, Lucario Pokemon Center strap $3, Snorlax adventure goods strap $12, squishy sleeping Gizamimi Pichu keychan $15, sleeping Pichu swing keychain $10, Pokepark Mudkip keychain $10, Marill strap $2, Pokeball zipper pulls $1 for both (coloured and metal), Togepi zipper pull $1, Pichu/Pikachu bag tag $3, Plusle and Minun plush keychains $6 for both, Quagsire Tomy keychain $5, Sentret and Wailmer zipper pulls $3 each

Pokebox stuff

(for those who aren't familiar with Pokebox, they are an artist who makes gorgeous fanmade items)

(See also: Clearfiles)
Tumbler $30, comes with the other inserts too
Eevee fans x2 $15 each
Sealed 2013 calendar (beautiful artwork!) $20
Eevee mousemat $15
Pencilcase $20 (has eeveelutions on the other side)
Vaporeon stamp $15
Flareon stamp $12


Please link to the image for the clearfile! Clearfile specials: for individually priced regular clearfiles (ie. ones that aren't part of a set and aren't folders) buy at least 3 and get 10% off, buy at least 5 and get 15% off! I have doubles as shown.

Clearfiles sets

The following are my last complete sets from these series - once these sets are gone, I have no more. I won't split them. If you're looking for individuals from these sets, I have a limited supply of some of the individuals below.

*Pokemon Center regional Pikachus - $80 set. Buy with the matching notepads and get $10 off.

*Eevee stained glass - $110 set.

*Sugimori artwork sealed set $75 OBO. *Game Artworks sealed set $50.

Other clearfiles

Pictures show front and back. $15 each except: top right $12, bottom left (PWY) $6.

New Year set of 3 clearfiles packaged together (photos are of as many sides as revealed by the packaging). $25 for the set.

Pictures show front and back.
Espeon/Umbreon SET (contains two clearfiles, backs look like bottom row here) $30
Electrics $10
Baby Pokemon $12 each
All others $15 each

Canvas $10 each
All others $12 each

Eevee Collection (top two rows) $10 each. Sold: Umbreon
Eevee stained glass $12 each. Sold: Leafeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Glaceon, Umbreon, Espeon

$10 each. Sold: Balloon Pikachu and Tohoku, Sapporo, and x1 Tokyo Pikachu, Gizamimi Pichu

Pokemon Time patterns are Butterfree, Larvitar and Vulpix, sorry for blurred photo!
Kanto starters, Pokemon Time patterns: $16 each. Sold: Vulpix, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Larvitar
Mudkip: $12
Heracross, Mareep: $10 each
Espeon/Umbreon SET (contains two clearfiles, backs look like bottom row here) $30
Sentret and Pikachu tail sets $11 each
Year of the Dragon $20
*Sugimori artwork clearfile SET (eight clearfiles + case, sealed, best image I can find of the clearfiles is here) - $75 OBO

Gizamimi Pichu $12 each
All others $10 each. Sold: blue type focus, pink Type Focus x1, yellow Pokemon mate

Good but USED clearfiles $7 each. Sold: Kangaskhan

Sitting Piplup $6
Red Gyarados and Magikarp pattern $12 each
All others $10 each. Sold: Kairyu (Dragonite)

Pokemon Time SETS (each set has the patterned and non-patterned clearfile for the Pokemon) $16 each. Sold: Deoxys

Double sided folders: Pokemon Conquest $12 each, movie $15

Double sided movie folder $15
Set of 3 mini Onemuri Pikachu clearfiles $15

Undersized clearfiles (the one with a train is like a plastic envelope thing) $7 each
Sold: Pokemon Special clearfile

Backs here
Kuji clearfile sets $8 each
Pokebox clearfiles $10 each. Sold: both Eeveelutions

Selling the bookmarks SEPARATELY from the clearfiles!
Kanto gym leader clearfiles x2 $10 each
Bookmarks $2 each (Vileplumes unavailable). Sold: Both Raichu
Neo folder $8 (back here)
Colouring book $7
Glaceon and Espeon postcards $2 each
DS Lite skin $2

Other flats

Transparent movie pencilboards $15 each, except for watermelons $10

Images show front and back
Pokemon Center Yokohama (with Captain Pikachu) $15, Pikachu/Piplup $5, others $8 each

Pencilboards: Top row $5 each
Bottom row $10 each

American pencilboards; size/shape like the Japanese ones but they are thinner/floppier, $2 each

Movie design handkerchief $9

Walky Mudkip washcloth $15

Pokemon Time individual stickers - prices as marked (by row). Sold: Absol, Umbreon, Totodile, Vulpix, Growlithe, Mew, Eevee, Ponyta, Blastoise, Flygon, Poliwag, Politoed, Bulbasaur, Venusaur, Cubone, Cyndaquil, Butterfree, Larvitar, Charizard, Rayquaza, Torchic, Dragonair, Lotad, Mawile, Rattata, Pikachu, Magikarp, Espeon, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Skiploom, Psyduck

Chansey amadas/flats - $8 for all, or $1 each except for top left $3

Porygon line tiny stickers/flats and misc menkos - $3 for all

Miscellaneous Amadas (Quagsire is a lenticular card) - $1 each except Quagsire $2

Togepi pan stickers $3 for all

Chansey (line) pan stickers $5 for all

Miscellaneous pan stickers - $2 Wailord, $1 each for the rest

Movie nail seals, selling these as half sheets (but if you buy one of each you'll get the intact full sheet). Top half x2 available, bottom half x1 available - $5 per half sheet or $9 for a full sheet (only one available)

Large Pikachu/Ditto sticker sheet (A4 size - the same as a clearfile) $9

Pokedoll Stamp sticker sheet $12, HGSS sheet and larger shiny puffy sticker sheets $8 each (white backings), smaller pearly puffy sticker sheets $7 each (yellow backing), tiny glittery movie stickers sheet $7

Large glittery Celebi movie sticker sheet $12
Johto sticker sheets $5 each (I have 3 2; if you buy two you can have the sealed pack)

Type Focus stickers $8/sheet
Puffy Pokemon Time stickers $12/sheet. Sold: blue Wailord sheet, purple Absol sheet

Pokemon Canvas stickers $10 for the sheet
Snivy Pokedoll stickers $9 for the sheet

Large static clings $2 each
Wall stickers $3 each

Puffy stickers $10 the lot

Mini sticker pages $6 the lot

Temporary tattoos $7 for all

Gen 1 corner-missing sheets $2 each

Artbox stickers $10 for all (full set pictured here, you'll get at least two of each sheet)

Crummy gen 1 sticker lot $2

Memories of N coasters $1 each, multiples as shown, take all for $10

Ensky magnets! $5/sheet, two for $8/five for $17 (mix and match). Sold: Riolu sheet

More Ensky magnets! $5/sheet, two for $8/five for $17 (mix and match)

Glow in the dark Ensky magnets! $5/sheet, two for $8/five for $17 (mix and match)

Iron-on patches - $1 each. Available: Tepig

Can badge lot (contains Litwick AEON badge MIP, Electrode 151 badge and a bunch of movie badges) - $10

Arceus movie TCG promo card and battrio set $3

Stack of flyers - free with purchase, I can add some to any purchase


*Set of 6 Pokemon Center notepads - $35 (I don't seem to have Yokohama for some reason). Buy with the matching clearfile set and get $10 off.

*Pokedoll CD box - $35
Snorlax is on the inside flap! Folds flat for shipping.

Gizamimi Pichu large hardcover notebook - $25
Canvas sketchbook - $20
Here's what's under the flap of the Pichu book and the back of the canvas one. Inside of Pichu book here. Back of Pichu book has some sticker residue which you could clean off. Front has this mark on the eye, I think it's a scratch in the hard cover.

Pokedoll stamp hardcover notebooks $12 each, Pikachu and friends notebook $7, Pokemon mate notebook $8, N dot sprite note cube $11

Kokeshi and traditional design small envelopes, sized like red envelopes (Vita game for scale). Pictures show front and back - $2 each or 2 for $3. Available: Kokeshi x6, traditional design x5

Pokedoll stamp promo: memo pad $10, note tabs $8, or both for $15 clipboard + letter set $20,

Pokemon Time Pikachu sketchbook $10

Memo pads: Pokemon Time Heracross notebook $10, Stunfisk memo pad $10, tiny pad $1, other pads $5 each

Colouring book (left) $7, Tokyo Sky Tree notebook $10

Origami sets $5 each
Bookmarks $3 for the set
Letter set $12

Rolly stamps! Small ones are $2 each, big ones are $4 each, buy three small ones and get a case (while stocks last), buy three big ones for $10! Or take the lot remaining for $22. Sold: Bellossom

Pencils: Poliwhirl topped pencil $2, Pokepark Pichu Bros mechanical pencil $12, green mechanical pencil $1
Mega evolutions pencils $2 each or 3 for $5 (can combine with below) (available: Ampharos x2)
Non-topped pencils can be shipped flat

Movie pencils $2 each or 3 for $5 (can combine with above)! x3 of each design with Carbink available, x4 of each other design

Stationery lot $8

Retsuden stampers: Quagsire, Wailmer, Metagross $10 each

Deco tape with dispensers: $2 each, or all remaining for $8. Sold: Pink dispenser, yellow dispenser with Hoothoot

Pan sticker holder with splits along spine folds (but still works fine) $4

Everything else

*Pokemon Time Wailord earphones - $45

*Pokemotion - $50
If you don't know what a Pokemotion is - you wave it in the air and it makes pictures of Pokemon with light! Sound weird? Here's a video :D Works great, I can ship with or without the batteries in.

Mystery Dungeon treasure chest candy tins - $20
Three little tins shaped like treasure chests with cute MD artwork on them! The candy is still inside. Don't eat the candy, I bought it 5 years ago!

Adorable book - $15
Tiny keychain book in a box! Example of inside artwork: 1 2

Zubat watch - $15
Zubat still has batteries and works!

Daisuki Club Drifloon balloon $30

Japanese design goods seal case! This is a case for an Asian seal like this, it is a slim case to fit the seal/stamp itself and contains the red ink needed to use the seal. You could also use it as a mini wallet/coin purse. $17

Back views of all here
Pink Eeveelutions pouch $20
*Eevee Collection vanity pouch $32
Meloetta mini bag $6
Canvas pouch/pencilcase $35

Eevee plush pouch $28
Eeveelutions barrel bag $15
Chikorita pouch with postcard $8

Grass Type Focus spa bag $30
Fire/Electric Type Focus pouch $25

Ditto/Togepi/Pikachu washcloth $20
Eevee walky drawstring bag - $30

Rumble Blast drawstring backpack $10
Tin coin pouches $3 for both

Mini totes $5 for all four

Meiji candy tins $3 each
Tiny Trozei tins $5 each (can be shipped flat)
Bulbasaur Pokeball keychain tin $1

Inflatable Minun/Plusle/Pikachu/Munchlax pillow $10
Electrode bound ball $6
Squishy Gengar stress ball with broken ear (can be glued back) $5
Togekiss and Drifblim TOMY figures $5 each

Balls! Jakks squishy Pokeball/Great Ball/Master Ball $4 each/all 3 for $10, all others $1 each (throw ball from plush, repeat chupa ball, ultra and repeat small balls, Infernape projector ultra ball)

3DS XL hard cases - Eevee $15, Eeveelutions $18
3DS and 3DS XL Eeveelution TPU shells - $18 each
Eeveelutions Hori 24-card 3DS games case $20

3/DS accessories! Packaged Pikachu styluses $5 for both, game case set and Reshiram case $5 for both, Eevee Hori 24-card 3DS games case $15, Zekrom and Reshiram and used Pikachu and Turtwig styluses $1 for all or free with purchase

Giratina mini puzzle $5
Rotom cup (never used) $15
Azumarill/Marill rare magnetic bookmark (has some paint rub/marks due to age and being stuck to itself for years) $7

Movie soft gliders. I have two of each design except for #02, please specify the number - $3.50 each

Toys lot (puzzle, Rubik's cube with Eevee/Lugia/Marshtomp/Plusle/Minun/Pikachu, Turtwig frisbee, Dragonite bouncy ball, 3 tops) $10

Magic trick card sets - both for $3
Regular playing card deck - $10

TCG deckbox $5

Remainder of a ponjyan set and a battle chess set with a couple of pucks (Samurott) missing - $10 for it all together, resell as you like! It's heavy due to the weight of the board which doesn't have anything interesting on it anyway, so I can ship you just the tabs and pucks and discard all the extra stuff to save on shipping if that's all you want. From my last sales post, here's what's left in the ponjyan set, and here and here are what the pucks from the battle chess set look like (they are very thick rigid card).

McDonald's toy lot $1 or free with purchase

If you are looking for non-Pokemon sales, please go here! Updated January 28, 2013!
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Non-Pokemon Sales [Sep. 28th, 2007 × 09:06 pm]

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Pokemon sales are here!

This post contains my non-Pokemon sales, including Japanese, anime, video games and miscellaneous items.

I have temporarily moved the gallery to imgur because it's easier to handle uploads :P Click here for all images and prices! To buy you should still comment on this post.
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[ Ordering ] [Sep. 28th, 2018 × 02:00 am]


To order, you can leave a comment in any entry here, specifying the items you would like to buy, your country of residence and your method of payment. I will reply with your shipping costs and my Paypal details for Paypal, or if you're in Australia and want to do bank deposit I will PM you my bank details. I don't respond to PM orders. I ship when payment clears.


I prefer Paypal. I also take direct bank deposits within Australia.

Prices quoted are in USD unless otherwise noted. If you would like a quote in Australian dollars for bank deposit, please let me know.
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[ Shipping ] [Sep. 28th, 2017 × 01:59 am]


All items are shipped from Melbourne, Australia. Shipping depends on the item. Shipping for flats starts at $1 within Australia/$3 outside and for non-flats starts at $7 within Australia/$11 outside (US starts at $14.50, UK/Europe starts at $18). I can't do anything about Australian postage prices so please don't complain. Backing out of a purchase because you don't like the shipping costs is not allowed and will result in negative feedback, so if you're worried, ask for a quote first.

I ship non-flats and some flats in bubble envelopes because regular envelopes tend to rip open, especially in international post. I can ship in a regular envelope if you want (it will be cheaper), but I take no responsibility for loss.

I cannot be held responsible for things lost or damaged in the mail. You may purchase tracking/insurance if you wish but it will cost considerably more for destinations outside Australia.
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