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sHoppip - Jedi_Amara's Sales Journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
sHoppip - Jedi_Amara's Sales Journal

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[ Shipping ] [Sep. 28th, 2017 × 01:59 am]
sHoppip - Jedi_Amara's Sales Journal



All items are shipped from Melbourne, Australia. Shipping depends on the item. Shipping for flats starts at $1 within Australia/$3 outside and for non-flats starts at $7 within Australia/$11 outside (US starts at $14.50, UK/Europe starts at $18). I can't do anything about Australian postage prices so please don't complain. Backing out of a purchase because you don't like the shipping costs is not allowed and will result in negative feedback, so if you're worried, ask for a quote first.

I ship non-flats and some flats in bubble envelopes because regular envelopes tend to rip open, especially in international post. I can ship in a regular envelope if you want (it will be cheaper), but I take no responsibility for loss.

I cannot be held responsible for things lost or damaged in the mail. You may purchase tracking/insurance if you wish but it will cost considerably more for destinations outside Australia.